Ryoko Sekiguchi

Born in Tokyo, Ryoko Sekiguchi has lived in Paris since 1997. Her work has appeared widely in French and Japanese; her books in French include La Voix sombre (2015), Manger fantôme (2012), L’Astringent (2012), Ce n’est pas un hasard(2011), adagio ma non troppo (2007), Deux Marchés (2005), and Héliotropes (2005). Three of her collections have previously been translated into English: Heliotropes (Sarah O’Brien, La Presse, 2008), Two Markets, Once Again (Sarah Riggs, Post-Apollo Press, 2008), and Tracing (Stacy Doris, Duration, 2003). In addition to her recent culinary performances, Sekiguchi has collaborated with visual artists and sound artists including Suzanne Doppelt, Christian Boltanski, and Ranier Lericolais. Her translations into Japanese include works by Jean Echenoz, Mathias Enard, Atiq Rahimi, and Daniel Heller-Roazen.

Books from Ryoko Sekiguchi