Quarterly Journal: No 16, Art Issue

ESSAYS: Paul Chan, Matthew Shen Goodman, Lynell George, Zandie Brockett, Barbara Browning, Karl Whittington, Ana Iwataki

FICTION: Yxta Maya Murray, Emma Copley Eisenberg, Lucy Ives, Jess Arndt

POETRY: Noah Warren, Malachi Black, Lisa Russ Spaar, Eleanor Stanford, by Susan Stewart, Katie Peterson, Dana Gioia

ALSO FEATURING: Chris Kraus, Dorothea Lasky, Claire Bishop, Chiara Barzini, Hal Foster, Ashley Hunt, Lex Brown, Kay Rosen


Dear Reader,

The worlds of art and writing have always been close — friendly at some moments, suspicious and derisive at others. They have met and interacted for many years, mostly through the work of the stricken souls who travel in between, spending time in both places, trying to describe and explain one to the other. This is a difficult task, as bridging worlds usually is. They’ve been traveling for many years, since Samuel Richardson and Tristram Shandy, Baudelaire and Picasso, and yet, despite the years, the task remains just as difficult as it always was.

In this issue we have gathered writers, academics, artists, curators, and poets who continually make that difficult task theirs. You will find writers who dedicate their words to art, and artists who dedicate their art to words. Poets who consider the relationship between words and music. You will also find many pieces that are bridges in and of themselves. Here is an issue of a literary review dedicated to making art just as important as the literature and words we value. This is also a big thank you to LARB’s art director, Megan Cotts, who has served as tireless and deft ambassador. May our roads get shorter and shorter. May other worlds and their strange ways at least be visible from where we stand.


Editor, Quarterly Journal

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